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The Nexus2 synthesizer ROM is the next generation of superior quality that can make your dream come true in the weird music reality. Lost sounds of synthesizers are stereotypical, boring, and over, and energy consumingNexus2 Evolve their next product to a great degree. Here you can find a lot of extensions and NEXUS logos.

Nexus2 explores new territories that make the phoenix sound complex,The ultimate specialty liposuction as well as the most popular caras.e device available today. The architecture is flexible and efficient, it is a framework that supports the development of a handy, immediate and immediate tool.All Nexus2 features are built to produce high quality music quickly, with minimal noise.

Nexus2 is an example of 32 steps worldwide to move the record, the door is flexible and simple steps.32 trans, leader poluzvukootrazhayuscheysya pramyslovasilitsenzavany Acoustic art and axudaráesculpir spectrum complexes tuning.


You also know: Dance music will not be without the magical arpeggios that bounce around your week after the escoitasches, followed by at the club.So, we do not skimp arpezhiator new design 2s NEXUS. 32 sequential sequences, and eighth transitions and starting adaptive hinges positions are only some of the controls required to deepen, yaknazapashvayuchy their songs.Apply some of the installed arpeggiated devotion NEXUS 2 gets angry, punrage barrage of sounds, melody or magnetic lifts. If you hear in your head, NEXUS 2 arpezhiator can.


Adding effects and hypnotic rhythmicDo not use them to trancegate the new NEXUS 2D audio design. Run on a 32-step, intuitive sequence and correct the words you hear in your head correctly. Take control of the time chakannyasinhranizatsyi and take the time to add delays and deep and frequent floods to the location of the sounds. Change the starting position of the circuit and have a personal voice.pechadosentre left and right space to create exciting stereo. Or back to a dedicated trancegate dedicated store that allows any NEXUS converter in the pulsating wave of audio enjoyment.

Mixer / FX

As well as all other parts ofNEXUS 2 due to power fusion and easy sektsyiMixer / FX base. You need a set of tools that are easy to use, flexible and, above all, high quality, when it’s time to add a touch to the finishing touches.Your NEXUS 2 Presets Dedicated FX allows you to add luster sheen in just the right place. Reverb and phaser combine acoustic, potentiometer and two FX stereo slots are only three solid ways to make sweet,See MIX 2s / FX NEXUS.


The Nexus 2 is almost impossible to adjust, and if you want to use the traditional “LFO traditions” or gone out there and hit over for comments, for example. Let your imagination run wild:Just select the route and destination, and give NEXUS 2 to do.

PCrequisitos the lower system

VST or RTAS server software

SSE2 GHz Pentium processor *

2GB of RAM (4 GB or more recommended)

Display 1024 or higher resolution768

WindowsXP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

DVD-ROM drive for installation

Available disk space

4 GB Content Detection and Tree

Around. 1 GB installed by extension

Around. 40GB to install all extensions

Software hosted software


Logic 6 or later

GarageBand 4+

Sonar 6 or later

Reaper 2 or later

Pro Tools or later

FL Studio or later


perakladchyklichbavay or later

Renoise 2 or later

ACID Pro 6 or more later

CubaseSX1 or later

Nuendo or later

Orion 5 or later

NI Maschine or later

One Studio


You need WinRar or any other extractor you choose to remove or can write or edit ISO files

Install the Nexus 2

Copy the folder «Content Nexus »teseescolla location (usually in the same folder)

And independently download the scan (S) drive (s) for the contents of the folder


Our version allows you to import each Nexus or through the skin

InterfaceNexus2. If you use a surname to work on other groups strongly

Exhibitions show the volume of new material. In particular, if you have installed

FXP is a difficult part, which is part of some of the special versions.

Our releases do not require pre-defined settings,Which fxpdescifrado conducts all

How vykarystovvayuchypravilny is correct 🙂

*** If you want to be absolutely sure you can install and install Nexus2, each extension is available and available ***

Delete Existing Content FolderNexus1

Uninstall Nexus1

Set up Nexus2

Set the skin and expand it all

So, right! Do.

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